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Advancing Your Brand  To The Top Of Organic Search Results

Search Engine Optimization Description

Advancing business, personal brands, and ideas to the top of search results through the process of optimizing content for likability by search engines like Google, Bing, and yahoo. Giving your online assets the chance to be seen and loved by more organic viewers.

Keyword Research

Analyzing data on search terms to rank your business higher


Keeping your blog up to date and creating content that ranks higher on search engines,

Our Process

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about finding common ground for communicating with search engines. Like humans, search engines speak a language (an algorithm) and also like humans, search engines favor those who they can communicate with easily. The SEO process is all about getting your website formatted so Google, Bing, and Yahoo can better understand what products, services, and ideas you share. On top of better communication, it’s important to tell search engines how superior your products are and build credibility and trust. A combination of these two factors help rank your website higher for both local and global search results. 

The overall process of formatting your website can be complicated and takes way too much time to explain on one simple page. These are some common SEO phrases and their meanings.

Mobile Responsive – Makes your website Google has announced Mobile First Indexing on July 1st, 2019.

Keyword Research Structuring your pages content to focus on showing up for 1 key search term.

Meta Descriptions – Tells Google exactly what a page is about.

Page Indexing – Asks search engines to index pages of your website so they are up to date and indexing without error.

Sitemaps & Breadcrumbs – These help search engines crawl your website and find all the content on your website. 

Linking Neighborhood – Creating an array of links that connect your content to other similar business to help Google understand what your site is about.

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