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Chief Executive Officer of Cuteness 

Theodore is our CEOC. That stands for Chief Executive Officer of Cuteness. He is our royal good boy. He is full of fluffiness, tail-wagging, and tricks. He is the ruler of break time, snacks, and toys. Using his sniffer, he can sniff out anything worth being found in our office. When he’s not working hard for Ebadore, he enjoys spending time at the dog park, and running around in the woods at his grandparent’s house.

Neil Sanders

Digital Marketing Consultant

I’m a digital marketer. Over the past 7 years I have studied how to grow brands through online platforms. My primary skill sets include both website design and search engine optimization. I also have a huge fascination in market research, digital advertising, and analytic analysis. For me, it’s not just about a website. Instead, it’s about combining multiple digital marketing tools together to build lead and sale generating machines that work seamlessly for your business.

Hannah Makale

Branding Specialist

Hannah is our branding and color specialist. She uses science and psychology to create the perfect color palette, and to discover the best way to represent someone’s brand. Hannah was born and raised right here in Northwest Arkansas, and she is proud to be serving the area for all branding and color needs. Hannah also has a passion for art saying no to plastic, She loves to discover new ways to reduce her carbon footprint. In her spare time, she loves to go hiking with her dog, Theodore. You’ll most likely be able to find her at a local coffee shop, or out in the wilderness.

Jeremy Stark

Videographer & Photographer

I began working with video while in undergrad at Henderson State. While in college, I became General Manager of the campus television station. During that time, I shot short movies, promos, and television shows. After graduating, I have now shot several weddings, promotion videos for businesses, and music/poetry videos. While my main focus has always been videography, I also have been able translate those skills into photography. I have been able to take photographs of food at a local restaurant as well as taking pictures for local community events. I have also worked on projects in which I needed combined videography and photography to provide the client with both still photos and videos.

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