4 Essential Elements Every Service Business Website Must Include

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It’s no secret that every service business needs a website. Websites are beneficial tools that drive hundreds and sometimes thousands of customers to businesses yearly.

Company owners know they need a website. The issue, many times they build sites that miss key components every successful website must include or they add features that actually hurt conversion rates. That’s why today I’m telling you about the essential elements every service business website must include.

Add these elements to your website and watch your search traffic go up, your conversion rates increase, and your customer’s confidence in your organization explode through the roof.

#1. Specific Pages Dedicated To Each Service You Offer

It may seem like a no brainer but many businesses miss service pages on their websites. Other businesses have offered service pages but include the wrong content or not enough content.

Content To Include On Your Offered Service Pages

  • A service overview (around 3 sentences in length)
  • Additional options or add-ons that go well with the product or service
  • Pricing or average price customers pay
  • Perks of hiring you over your competition
  • Your process of doing business
  • Before and after photos
  • Call to action to purchase the service

What To Avoid On Your Service Pages

  • Telling users about any negatives

Perks Of Having Service Pages

There are two main reasons why you should add individual service pages to your website. Reason one, it helps customers get a more in-depth view of the services they are looking for. Reason two, having individual service pages helps Google better understand your business so you can rank higher.

#2. A Call To Action Above The Fold

Every website needs a call to action (CTA) AND your call to action should come before the fold. Adding a CTA before the web page fold helps increase conversions and helps users understand what step they must take to hire you.

This is vital because a website without a call to action is just a waste of user’s time and your investment to own a website.

In 2020 it is extremely important to make it super easy for potential buyers to enjoy your services. CTA’s help speeds up the purchasing process and creates a seamless experience for users.

What Is A CTA?

A CTA or call to action by definition

An exhortation or stimulus to do something in order to achieve an aim or deal with a problem.

In other words, it’s you asking the user’s visitors on your website to take the next step to become a paying customer.

What’s A Web Page Fold?

The fold is simply the lowest point of a web page users can see when a page loads before they scroll.

Your most important information including your call to action should come before the fold. This is because above the fold is the most view part of your website. Many users won’t even scroll to learn more if you don’t make it clear what your site is about immediately.

Examples To Awesome Call To Actions

Your call to action can be anything that helps move users closer to purchasing your services. Most of the time CTA’s come in the form of a button and ask users to “Sign Up Today”, “Book Us Online”, or “Request An Estimate”.

When creating your call to action the only thing you need to think about is what you want users to do next. If the next step in the sales process is requesting an estimate, send users to a page with a form. If the website call to action is to book online, send them to your online booking page.

#3. Social Proof In The Form Of Testimonials, Videos, And Pictures

Every service business website should include a multitude of social proofs.

Social proof can make one of the biggest impacts on conversion rates for bost websites and social media postings.

Use social proof frequently and watch your numbers skyrocket.

Types Of Social Proof

  • Testimonials
  • Star Ratings
  • Influencer Endorsements
  • Complete Project Stories/Before & After Photos
  • Number Of Clients Served
  • Credentials/Certificates
  • News & Media Coverage
  • Social Media Shares
  • Social Media Followers

Where To Place Social Proof

You should add social proof all over your website but there are a few places where social proof is essential.

Home Page + Call To Action Pages

Social proof is best when placed on both your home page and on your call to action page. With that being said, it’s not a bad idea to add testimonials or local reviews to your servicing area or individual service pages.

Before The Fold Social Proof Tip

I wouldn’t necessarily place a full testimonial above the fold but I’ve been adding a star rating at the top of many home pages recently. It looks nice and helps the user instantly gain confidence in your service.

#4. Add An Active Blog

Blogs are amazing tools that have become increasingly important for businesses over the previous years. Blogs are the driving force behind the most successful website’s search engine appearances.

Your website should include a blog that keeps clients up-to-date on news, updates, and information that could be useful.

Why Blogs Are So Important

Having a blog on your website not only helps your customers understand more about your business, but blogs are also the driving force behind SEO. You need a blog because it will help customers coming back to learn more about your services and help new prospects find your website through Google and Bing search.

How Frequently You Should Write A Blog Article

You should release a new quality blog post at a minimum once every two weeks but once a week is preferred.

When you write blog posts remember, quality is more important than quantity. If you are having trouble releasing posts consistently, hire a writer to do it for you.

What To Write Blog Articles About

You should keep every blog bost related to your industry. For us, the content we make is based on the client’s questions we are asked again and again. If you look through our blog you will find posts about DIY SEO, website design mistakes, Facebook Advertising, and many other posts related to digital marketing.


If you own a service-based business you need to add these four features to your website immediately. The four essential elements ever service business website needs include having individual pages for every service offered, Adding a CTA above the fold, showing social proof, and having an active blog. Add these four elements to your website and watch your lead generation increase.

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