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There are a lot of website development companies that offer different recurring maintenance packages for small businesses. Because of all the options available, I want to break down the average price for website maintenance in 2020.

These are the average prices a small business should pay for website updates and changes on a recurring or monthly bases.

What Is Website Maintenance?

Website maintenance is a recurring service typically on a monthly bases to keep your website up to date.

Website maintenance packages typically include making updates to servers and core files, monitoring for hack attempts, optimizing for best performance, and much more.

If you would like to learn about what all is included you should read Website Maintenance Plans.







Average Cost For Website Maintenance For Small Businesses

The average price for small business owners to maintain a website is between $60 – $150 a month.

This service often includes software updates, malware removal, uptime monitoring, and minor bug fixes. More expensive packages may have additional bonus features while cheaper maintenance plans offer less.

If you are searching for a website maintenance provider, I would find a company charging in this price range.

Service packages that cost under $50 may not be provided by trained professionals. Packages over $250 may include way more than what your business really needs.

Price chart showing the average price of monthly website maintenance
Are you currently looking for a company to handle your recurring maintenance on your website? This is a cart to help you understand different price points.

The Different Payment Strategies

When it comes to website maintenance, there are two different types of payment plans. Some companies charge based on hour while others charge a flat fee.

There are perks to both plans. At Ebadore Digital, we charge a flat fee that covers all your monthly maintenance necessities. For any content changes, we charge an hourly rate.

Hourly Maintenance Credits

This payment method doesn’t require a contract for most development companies. How it works is you (the client) pays for X amount of credits. These credits can then be used for maintenance and site updates in the future.

A good example of a company that does it is A Nerds World.

Website Maintenance Credits Pricing Example

This Type Of Service Concerns Me

The issue I see with this type of maintenance plan is it doesn’t offer security monitoring and scheduling is left up to the business owner. This can be an issue because a website can be forgotten about and service can be pushed out too far in between.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

Website maintenance packages are preferred by many clients and development agencies.

Monthly maintenance packages offer a todo list that must be completed each month for a flat rate. Tasks include updating files and software, watching for security breaches, creating analytic reports, and more.

Website Monthly Maintenance Package Pricing Example

I like this type of website service because it ensures your website is always functioning as entended and performing at it’s best 27/7.


If you are currently building a website or are looking to hire a developer for recurring website maintenance you can expect to spend between $25 a month to $245 a month. The average cost for small companies to pay for website monthly maintenance is $170.

Website maintenance covers site updates, security, monitoring, support, reporting, and optimizing. These are all things that need to be addressed on a monthly bases.

Learn about the Ebadore Digital official website maintenance pricing today.

If you don’t do recurring maintenance on your website, your website is more likely to have lower conversion rates and get hacked. Read our article If You Don’t Maintenance Your Website, It Will Die for more information.

How much do you charge for website maintenance?

At Ebadore Digital we charge $70 per hour for website maintenance with a minimum of 1 hour being charged each month. Most clients use between 1 and 2 maintenance hours depending on what changes to content they may have that month.

How much does it cost to have a website built and maintained?

A website can cost a small business owner between $500 – $1,500 in design and development cost upfront. After the site is built, you will be responsible for paying for server space, domain name, and monthly maintenance. The average small business owner spends around $100 a month to maintain their website.

How do you maintain a website?

The tasks required to maintain a website include the following:
– Updating core server files, WordPress, Themes, and Plugins
– Scanning and removing malware
– Monitoring the site for potential hackers
– Optimizing content for performance
– Making changes to the content on the website
– Creating analytic reports

Do websites need maintenance?

Every website needs maintenance in order to stay healthy and perform in the future. A website that isn’t maintained is likely to slow down over time, convert worse and worse the older the site gets, and possibly even be hacked.

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