4 Essential WordPress Plugins To Use On Every Website

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Plugins are “add-ons” you can install to your WordPress website that can enhance your site. Some plugins give your site front-end features like chat bubbles, contact forms, and social media sharing. Others are what I call back-end plugins and help better website load time, SEO, and mobile usability. Third-party developers have created over 55,000 unique plugins you can install to your site to add unique features. With so many plugins available, I decided to give you my top-picked plugins. These are the four essential WordPress plugins you need to install on every website.

By utilizing these essential WP plugins you will be staying on top of modern web design trends and outperform your competition.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the first essential WordPress SEO plugin I install on every website I build. This plugin helps structure web pages and blog posts. In addition, Yoast makes it easy to setup breadcrumbs, basic schema, and XML sitemaps so websites rank higher on search engines like Google.


AMP is a dedicated WordPress plugin that turns your web pages into Google AMP pages. Google AMP stands for Google Accelerated Mobile Pages. Accelerated Mobile Pages are versions of your pages or blog posts that show up on Google mobile searches that are lightweight and optimized for load time. To clarify, the AMP versions of web pages are stripped down to basic CSS and Javascript. As a result, your web pages load quickly and rank higher on Google.


Imagify is an image optimization plugin that compresses all photographs you upload to your WordPress website. Optimizing images increases page load time and serves images in nex-gen formats that load quickest on web browsers. The result of compressing images will increase conversions (faster loading web pages convert better) and help your website rank higher on search engines. Overall, installing Imagify will help create a better user experience on your website.

Official Facebook Pixel

The Official Facebook Pixel is a plugin you can download directly from Facebook’s advertising platform. This plugin is essential because it allows Facebook to track user behaviors on your website. As a result, you can later set up Facebook and Instagram advertisements that retarget specific users who visited targeted pages.

What If You Aren’t Already Running Facebook Ads?

If you are not currently running Facebook ads you may see no reason to install this plugin right away. More important than giving you the ability to create retargeting ads, you can create look-alike audiences based on users who visited your website in the past. The quicker you can install this plugin, the more information Facebook can gather for creating a lookalike audience for your future advertisements.

In Conclusion To The 4 Essential WordPress Plugins To Use On Every Website

Utilize these essential WordPress plugins to help you create a better user experience that ranks high on search engines and drives more conversions. If you are new to WordPress or interested in more tips check out our 9 tips for WP beginners.

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