5 Website Design Mistakes You Need To Stop Making ASAP!

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Making a website is like painting a masterpiece. There are a billion different color combinations, photos, and integrations you can add to make your website complete. Like a masterpiece, you need the right combination of design options to make it a true piece of art that really gets your point across. Many websites are overcrowding the main focus of the site, and it’s hurting your conversion rates. Though adding different visual aids or features can benefit the user experience, some can really hurt it. These are 5 website design mistakes you need to stop making today!

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#1. Stop Adding A Chat Bubble When You Aren’t Always Available To Chat

Chat bubbles are a common feature many small business owners want to incorporate on their websites. They aren’t wrong for wanting this feature, as analytics have proven that chat bubbles help increase conversion rates. Insider Intercom has actually found some really good data on just how much chat bubbles can increase conversion rates. In fact, website users are 82% more likely to convert if they speak with someone through a chat bubble on your website.

So if chat bubbles help increase conversions, why should you stop adding them?

If you cant answer the messages coming in, you are missing out on customers

It’s not that everyone should stop adding these chat bubbles, but if you are a small business owner that is unable to attend to these messages every time they come up, get rid of it. If someone asks a question via chat bubble and you don’t respond, it automatically shows the customer that you are going to be bad at communicating. Worse than that, the customer is going to leave your website and go to your competitor because you made them wait too long to get what they want.

Simply put, if you can answer your chat button every time someone uses it, keep the chat bubble. If you are going to have trouble responding even 5% of the time, get rid of the button. Not responding to messages will hurt your business.

#2. Stop Adding Motion Graphics To Your Website

Motion graphics, get over them. Website animation graphics include any fade-in/fade-out graphics, parallax effects, spinning buttons, ect. These features can make your website look cool, but the more you add, the more distracted your user gets from the main purpose of your website, and the longer your pages take to load. That’s why moving forward, you should stop using motion graphics in total.

Removing Motion Graphics Decreases Load Time

Though motion graphics slow down website load time on all devices, animation on mobile devices uses more data for users and increases load time by 2 – 5 seconds if not more. This effects you in 2 very important ways.

Longer Load Times Decrease Conversion Rates

Studies have shown that for every second a user has to wait for a website to load, the more people bounce before viewing your content. Neil Patel has an article explaining all the ways longer load times decrease your chance of getting users to convert.

Longer Load Times Decrease Google Search Rank

Google is all about creating a better user experience, especially on mobile devices. If you have a website full of motion graphics, it’s most likely going to load slow and that equals a bad user experience. Google takes load time into consideration when ranking websites for related search results. Remove your motion graphics, make your website load faster, and rank your website higher in search engines. I talk about another great tip to help your website load faster and rank higher by using Google AMP in another blog post.

Simply, avoid this website design mistake by removing all your unneeded motion graphics, and your website will generate more conversions and rank higher on Google.

#3. Stop Trying To Build A Website Yourself Through Wix

I talk about this constantly. If you want a website that is truly successful STOP TRYING TO BUILD IT WITH WIX! I’m actually against all “build it yourself sites” but I know first hand that Wix websites are the worst. What I recommend is building your website through WordPress for multiple reasons. If you are just getting into WordPress I recommend you learning my nine biggest WordPress tips for beginners.

Disadvantages Of A Wix Website

You Don’t Have Full Control Over Your Website, Content, & Server

Not having control over your website and server is a BIG issue when it comes to investing in a website. Websites are valuable assets, and in many cases can carry more value than the business itself. I look at it like this, you wouldn’t make expensive upgrades to a rental property to increase a home’s value, so why would you do it to a website you don’t really own?

Wix Websites Are Extremely Slow

I do a lot of website audits for different businesses. In every case I audit a Wix website, I always find that the speed tests show the lowest ratings for web page load time. This is because Wix has a bunch of additional CSS and Javascript files that are unused. Because you don’t own the server, and are limited with configuration options, there isn’t a lot you can do about Wix site load time.

Slow load times are such a big issue because it affects user experience and Google search rankings. I already spoke about this in step #2 but you can also learn more in our previous blog post about website trends for 2020.

Wix Websites Offer No SEO Benefits

Wix websites focus on “appearance” over the structure. This means most build it yourself websites miss important structural features that tell Google what your site is about. Examples of what your website needs for SEO is proper “H” tags, page meta descriptions, image ALT text, and schema.

Wix Websites Are Extremely Expensive Compared To Alternatives

Wix offers a free option but if you want to remove ads and add your own custom domain name you have to pay for a subscription. The minimum subscription for a Wix website is $12. If you decided to build your website on the WordPress CMS platform, you could pay as little as $5 a month for server rental.

#4. Stop Adding “Seas” Or “Walls” Of Texts On Your Website Pages (Especially Your Home Page)

Websites are supposed to be exciting, inviting, and show off your personality. Do you know what doesn’t present any of those things? A LARGE WALL OF TEXT!

Your Website Should Look More Like A Shadow Box Than A Legal Document

Your website should feature the best of the best that you offer. It should tell people about your perks and it doesn’t necessarily need to speak about the negatives. Your website should help sell users on your products and services. You can do this by giving them visual aids through images and icons, and avoid telling them useless information.

Add A Unique Header And Section Background Color So Visitors Can More Easily Find Answers To Their Questions

A huge web design mistake is when people don’t add section headers that explain what the text and content underneath is about. HTML comes with 6 header tags (h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6). You should use these header tags to help users along while learning about your business. Along with adding “H” tags to structure content, use background colors. Different section background colors will help users identify section dividing lines easily.

Add images As Visual Aids

I spoke earlier on adding too many images to your website, now I’m talking about the opposite. You need to find a balance in the images you use. These images should help convey the message you would like to portray.

Remove All The Negatives About Your Service

You need to create content that sells people on your business. I’ll give you an example of what doesn’t need to go on your website’s home page. I use to work for a costume rental shop. The costume rental shop required that every renter be 18 years or older to rent a costume. On the companies home page, they stated in big letters “MUST BE 18 YEARS OR OLDER TO RENT”. Now, you might be thinking “it’s true and good information to know”. The issue is, that the company did more than just rent costumes, they also sold merchandise for all ages. My point being, they should have removed this negative content that may have made younger audiences believe that the store was for people 18 years old and older.

Ask Yourself What The Customer Needs and Doesn’t Need To Know So They Feel Comfortable Moving Forward

Auditing how you think users behave will help you a lot when it comes to writing copy. Stick with creating text that means something to your ideal customer and remove all the fluff from your paragraphs.

#5. Stop Adding Pop-Ups To Your Web Pages Asking People To Sign Up

I hate going to a website and the first thing I have to do is exit out of a pop-up. Nowadays, everyone has been asked to input an email to join a newsletter so many times that we are all annoyed, even you! If you still want to build an email list, you need to find new and creative ways to get people to signup. Simply stop adding these email subscription popups because it’s creating a bad user experience.

Reasons To Stop Adding Pop-Ups On Page Load

No One Opts-In Anymore ESPECIALLY Before Reading Your Content

Think back to the last time you opted-in for an email list that only offers “receive our emails”. Maybe once in your entire life. Not only do you need to be WAY more creative with your email opt-in offerings, you need to at least give users the chance to learn they hate your content. STOP ADDING EMAIL OPT-INS ON PAGE LOAD!

Slows Down Load Time

Not only are email opt-ins extremely annoying, but if you add your pop-up to accrue as soon as the page loads its just one more thing your browser has to think about. Because of this, you will have a decrease in page load time, and rank lower for Google search results.

Conclusion To The 5 Website Design Mistakes You Are Making And Why You Need To Stop Now

In 2020 it’s more important than ever to make a seamless user experience. Use these 5 steps to succeed online. If you would like to learn more tips on mistakes you may be making, maybe speak with a digital marketing consultant.

The 5 Mistakes To Focus On

Stop Adding A Chat Bubble When You Aren’t Always Available To Chat

If you can always be at a computer and respond in 1 minute or less keep these bubbles, if not, lose the bubble.

Stop Adding Motion Graphics To Your Website

It’s 2020 not 2010. Most users are using mobile devices, and that means you need your site to be lightweight and fast. Stop adding on the extra junk like motion graphics and fade-in animations.

Stop Trying To Build A Website Yourself Through Wix

Wix websites are slow, you don’t control your own server, and Google never ranks these websites because they simply suck.

Stop Adding “Seas” Or “Walls” Of Texts On Your Website Pages (Especially Your Home Page)

Keep things simple and make it easy for people to understand your message. Don’t use walls of text, instead, use the right amount of content backed by amazing visual aids.

Stop Adding Pop-Ups To Your Web Pages Asking People To Sign Up

No one ever opts-in to basic “receive my emails” anymore. Stop adding a popup that loads as soon as visitors get to the site. Adding these pop-ups only makes users annoyed.


If you follow these 5 don’ts, your website will thrive in the future. After implementing these changes, you will see an increase in search engine rank and traffic, your visitors will stay longer, and your conversion rates will go through the roof. Let me know what you thought of the post and if you have any questions at all.

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