5 Key Elements For Brand Aesthetic

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Brand aesthetic is what makes you look visually pleasing. It’s your visual identifier. You can easily sum up your brand aesthetic with five key elements. These elements are logo, color, font, images, and graphic highlights. When you’re revealing your brand aesthetic, be sure that all five of these elements flow together in harmony.

1. Logo

Your logo is your main visual identifier. Almost anyone can point out well-known brands from just their logo. This is why creating the best logo for your brand is essential. You shouldn’t slap together some shapes, throw in some color, and call it good. A good logo, even a simple one, takes time, patience, revision, and strategy. Your logo should reflect your company or organization in its most simple form, it will be your automatic visual identity.

three examples of logo design

2. Color Palette

Your company or organization’s color palette shouldn’t be just an assortment of colors that you like. Like your logo, your color palette needs strategy and understanding. If you have a hard time creating your color palette, it’s great to use your mood board for inspiration. Another way to create your color palette is to look back at your brand voice, take your three describing words, and look up those terms in color psychology. Feel free to read these blog post on how to choose the right colors, and color theory, to help you along in creating your color palette.

3. Fonts

The font(s) that you use should reflect your brand voice. Pick one to two fonts, make sure they flow together, and represent your brand. You want to continuously use the same fonts every single time. Stay consistent and in tune with your brand. For example, if you’re an upscale brand, you wouldn’t use papyrus, comic sans, or Bradley Hand. The credibility for being upscale would immediately be thrown out. Check out Abode for great fonts, remember your brand voice, and choose one to two fonts that represent your company or organization the best.

4. Images

Images are probably what you think of when you think about brand aesthetic. You can capture the brand as a whole with just an image. Images for branding aren’t just point and shoot thought, they are well thought out, with a strategy behind each one. When branding, all images need to have the same editing style, they also need to represent your company or organization’s three description words from your brand voice. If you’re having trouble figuring out what kind of photos capture your company or organization the best, look to your mood board and color palette for guidance.

Images are from unsplash

5. Graphic Highlights

Graphic highlights are what really tie your brand together as a whole. When you look at a company or organization, you probably don’t think about the spacing between each letter, the height of each word, etc. In fact, you most likely don’t even realize when a company or organization sticks with straight edges, instead of being circular. These are all part of graphic highlights. You use these highlights in every caption, image, and page on your website. When deciding what kind of graphic highlights you want to use, remember your company or organization’s values, and use your mood board for guidance.

Tying It Altogether

Once you’ve figured out all five elements, you can have the brand aesthetic that you’ve been eager to create. Remember to stick with your brand aesthetic throughout your social media platforms, advertisements, and website (anytime you are using your brand voice). When you present your company or organization, you’ll want to have consistency, be aesthetically pleasing to the eye, and stay true to your brand. Having a mood board will help. Optimizing the five key elements will help you with your overall representation and get you to exceed beyond all possible

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