5 Simple Ways to Determine And Uphold Your Brand Voice

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Whenever your company or organization presents itself, you are using your brand voice. This is done when you are speaking at a conference, posting on social media, updating your website, etc. Whether or not you maintain your brand voice depends on how well you determined and upheld it.

1. Use Your Mood Board As A Starting Point

Remember how we said the first step to revealing your brand is creating a mood board? Determining your brand voice starts with using your mood board. Using your mood board, create a list of describing words. This is easier than you think, because you most likely already have a list from when you were creating your mood board.

Example Describing Words:


2. Choose Your Top Three Describing Words

From the list of describing words that you created, pick the top three words that fit your brand the most. Take those three words and create an extensive definition. Let’s say your three words are Artistic, Honest, and Passionate.

  • Artistic – creative, imaginative, original, poetic
  • Honest – sincere, candid, genuine, open
  • Passionate – heartfelt, eager, committed, enthusiastic

3. Create Your Voice Chart

Using your top three describing words, create a chart that fully explains the role of each word. This chart will be your reference guide to sticking to your brand voice.

Your chart should look something like this:

Describing WordOtherYesNo
ArtisticCreative, Imaginative, Original, PoeticBe artistic with your choice of words.Don’t have basic sentence structure.
HonestSincere, Candid, Genuine, OpenBe honest and valuable.Don’t pretend to be something we’re not.
PassionateHeartfelt, Eager, Committed, EnthusiasticBe joyful about the brand.Don’t be lukewarm.

4. Find Your Inspirational Brand Voice

Once you have everything else above taken care of, search for a brand voice that inspires you. This brand voice will be your guidance. Understand how they present themselves, and learn from it. Maybe you want to sound strong, like Nike. Maybe you want to turn your twitter into a comedy lounge, like Denny’s. If you’ve already got a few brands in mind, that’s great! Make sure you follow them on social media so you can continuously be inspired.

5. Routinely Audit Your Brand Voice

After you’ve determined your brand voice, create a habit of auditing that voice. Take a moment however often you like, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and go through every piece of content that has been put out there, and make sure it meets the criteria of fitting your brand voice. If it doesn’t, be sure to see what went wrong, and how to fix the problem for the future. Auditing your brand voice is also good in case you wish to start taking your company or organization in a different direction. Feel free to use the following brand voice audit questions.

What are three words that currently describe my voice?

How do I feel when I read/listen to my own content?

Is there any content that doesn’t match up with the rest?

What can I do to improve stability in my voice?

Do I agree with my voice?

Do I want to change my voice?

Use Your Brand Voice To Its Fullest Extent

Use these five ways to determine and uphold your voice. These five ways will not only help you discover your voice, but they will also keep your voice in check. Start with your mood board, choose three describing words, have a voice chart, be inspired by other brands, and audit your voice regularly.

Other ways to help your brand identity stand out is to create a mood board and focus on your brand aesthetic.

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