Why The WordPress CMS Is Better Than Wix & Squarespace

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There’s a lot of “easy” build it yourself website software applications out there, and honestly, they all suck. The biggest issues that I find with these applications are that the sites are limiting, slow, they don’t rank on search engines, they aren’t user-friendly, and the return on investment is never worth it. This is why you should always choose the WordPress CMS over Wix and Squarespace.

The Difference Between WordPress.com & WordPress.org

Before I explain why WordPress is the best CMS I need to clear up what WordPress is. There are two different types of WordPress. These two versions are simply differentiated as WordPress.com & WordPress.org.


WordPress.com is a “plug and play” option for launching a new blog or website. When professional developers talk about building websites using WordPress, this is not what they are talking about. WordPress.com is limiting and not fully customizable. Honestly, unless you have a blog I would choose Wix or Squarespace over WordPress.com


WordPress.org is an open-source content management system that’s installed on servers. Using the open-source WordPress version, is like building a website from scratch, only with some extremely advanced tools that help accelerate the process.

In this post, I’m comparing WordPress.org vs. Wix vs. Squarespace

Self-Building Sites Like Wix & Squarespace

The Perks

Many small business owners are drawn to website building applications like Wix & Squarespace because of the low upfront cost. Wix gives you the ability to skip hiring a web designer and just building a website yourself. These sites have a large number of templates, free stock photos, and even help you set up your domain name. For people with low budgets, this deal seems awesome.

The Disadvantages

Business owners understand they need a website to represent their brand, so they move forward with the cheapest options available. The issue is, building a website isn’t easy and it was never intended to be. Things like servers, user design, analytic reports, and ranking on Google are all skills that take years to perfect.

When small business owners look at Wix and Squarespace to build their websites, they miss the point that a website is an investment. These sites are limiting what you can customize, and offer no search engine optimization advantages. Above all, a huge issue is that you rely on Wix or Squarespace to stay in business in order to keep your asset alive.

Slow Website Speeds

Load time is extremely important because it can affect user experience and Google search rank. Wix sites are constantly slow because of server and JS files you have no control over. I can’t say Squarespace sites are as slow as Wix, but they both have limitations of load time.

No SEO Benefits

If anything, building any website by yourself will have negative impacts on SEO performance. What I’ve noticed is self-building websites don’t properly structure sites for easy readability by search engines.

Chance Of Losing Your Asset If Wix Or Squarespace Goes Out Of Business

Hosting your website on Wix or Squarespace is gambling on the fact that you believe that the business model will work long term. The scariest thing for me is losing a website that is established due to Wix going out of business.

Perks Of Using Open Source WordPress

WordPress gives you the ability to easily build a website, while still owning the server you build it on. WordPress is a CMS that allows you to choose themes, templates, and add plugins (these are my favorites) with special javascript or application features. Though WordPress can be more complex than Wix or Squarespace, you own all the writes to the site. When you build a WordPress website, you fully own your Asset.

You Own The Website (Asset)

Your website is an asset, and in many cases, is worth more than the business itself. When you use WordPress, you actually own all the rights of your website.

Easily Customizable

WordPress gives you an array of 3rd party themes that allow you to create different layouts. My go-to theme is the Divi Builder. The Divi Builder gives you the ability to customize a website without coding but instead, it’s dragging and dropping sections, rows, and different modules. The Divi Builder makes it easier to build a website.

Search Engine Optimization Friendly

In many cases, I move a site from Wix to WordPress, and it instantly ranks higher in Google search results. WordPress is easily structured, and offers a large variety of plugins to help you better your SEO results.

Web Application Developing Platform

WordPress is open-source, that means you can edit the source code to fit your needs. WordPress gives you the ability to build custom applications without the need of doing a bunch of tedious work, like creating HTML pages and configuring tedious PHP files.


Though it may cost more to hire a developer to build a WordPress website, the return on investment is hands down 1,000% better. If you would like to learn more about WordPress I wrote an article for WordPress for beginners. Don’t build a website with Wix or Squarespace, and if you need someone to build your WordPress site, hire us!

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