5 Simple DIY SEO Strategies To Rank Websites Higher On Google Search In Bentonville, Arkansas

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Social Engine Optimization has had major impacts on local businesses throughout the past. In fact, ranking in the top 4 for related searches can bring in thousands of more local website users every year. Throughout recent years we have seen a lot of changes in Google search layout. In 2020 organic results will be further down past ad results and map listings. With these changes, will search engine optimization still benefit local Bentonville businesses? Blog posts are still extremely helpful for ranking websites, the only thing that has changed is how we write those posts.

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 What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the act of making positive changes to digital platforms to rank higher in search results. SEO can be performed on any platform that shows up on Google or Bing rankings. Common platforms that require SEO includes websites and social media accounts.

How To Optimize For Search Engines

SEO is a complicated process that includes many small objectives that help move your digital assets higher in search results. Some tactics are very complex while some are fairly easy. I’m not going to explain the complex techniques in this post. If you feel like you are ready for more advanced SEO tactics please request a consultation or take an SEO course online. This article is all about simple steps that make huge impacts.

#1. Using Keywords & Synonymes Throughout Your Website, Google My Business, & Social Media Accounts

This technique should be used on website pages, blog posts, Google My Business posts, and in social media bios and about.

What Are Keywords?

Keywords are simply words that relate to your brand that someone would type in to find your website or social accounts. For example, if you want to rank for “Wedding Cake Bakery Bentonville” it would make sense to add this phrase to your web page in a way it makes sense.

Making Use Of Synonyms

Remember, Google understands synonyms very well. Use synonym variations as frequently as possible. This will help you rank for those key phrases also. An example would include “Marriage Ceremony Cake Northwest Arkansas”.

#2. Make Posting To Your Google My Business A Priority

Ranking on Google Search and Google Maps are two totally different things. Posting to Google my business will help mostly with Google My Business ranking. Every time I create a post I try to make that post state a keyword or phrase I would like to rank for. Many times Google will rank your business in maps just because you posted about it through your GMB account.

#3. Adding GeoTags To Images

GeoTags are data snippets that are stored in photos files when an image is taken. This data snippet tells Google and Bing where that image was taken. We can change the geotag using Geoimgr. This web application gives you the ability to upload your image, change the geotag and then upload it to your website & social platforms. For local SEO I have fount this to make a BIG difference!

#4. Auditing Your Social Media Citations AKA “NAP”

NAP stands for name, address, phone or also known as “citations”. Citations should be added to every social media platform exactly how it’s shown on your website. It’s extremely easy to do but can make a major difference for ranking on Google.

All Content That Should Be The Same On Every Platform

You must have your NAP down on every social platform but there is a lot more content that won’t hurt to make the same also. By making all this business info consistent will help search engines understand what platforms best describe you.

  • Business Name
  • Address (or service area)
  • Phone Number (a local number is best)
  • Business Hours
  • Bio/About
  • Services You Offer
  • Business Category

#5. Add The Location You Would Like To Rank For In Your Page Or Post Title.

This is an SEO strategy that primarily works for local SEO. If you are trying to rank in Bentonville, Arkansas add “Bentonville” to your page title. You can also add a “Servicing Area” page and link it to the cities you service websites. You can see us demonstrating this tactic constantly in almost every single blog post.

Ranking Your Business Using SEO In Bentonville, Arkansas

Ranking your business in search engines can be tedious and time-consuming. Use these 5 SEO tips and your business will start gaining ranking in Bentonville and throughout the Northwest AR area. If you have completed all of these steps and your website is ready for more advanced techniques, steart learning about keyword research.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I optimize search results on Google?

You can start by doing a bit of keyword research. Find keywords that relate to your website that don't have a lot of competition.
- Write about Keywords
- Include Synonyms
- Structure Your Content
- Link To High Ranking Related Articles
- Add Metadata
- Add Schema

How do I maximize search engine optimization?

To maximize SEO you need to stay relevant and create new content relevant to your website as often as possible. This is a list of tasks that can help you rank higher: - Add Metadata - Add Image ALT Text - Tag Images With GeoTags - Link To Relevant Content - Add Schema To Your Website

How Much Does SEO Cost

Pricing for Search Engine Optimization services can vary in the Bentonville area. You can get SEO services through Ebadore Digital starting at $199/month but can pay as much as $10,000/month to see better results. We charge hourly rates of $50 per hour.

What does SEO stand for?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is taking steps to optimize your website so it ranks higher for Google, Bing, and other search engine search results

What types of businesses does Ebadore Digital service?

We do search engine optimization for businesses in every industry.

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