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Social media management is creating, writing, posting, analyzing, and engaging with posts on social media accounts like Google My Business, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

With a growing number of businesses using social media, it’s more important than ever for business owners to engage on social platforms. Social media platforms are always changing at a very fast pace. Because of this, business owners are turning their efforts over to social media managers.

Social Media Managers are data-driven and use previous user actions to get you more engagement in the future. They have day to day experience in creating amazing content that resonates with your brand. Lastly, social media managers understand the psychology of people’s actions online. In simple terms, a social media manager helps drive more traffic to your accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, ect., build customer loyalty, and encourage more users to do business with you over a competitor.

How Can A Social Media Manager Help Your Businesses

Overall hiring a social media manager is an extremely cost-effective marketing decision that will help drive more customers to your business, build trust, and keep you in front of people interested in your products for a longer period of time.


Hiring a social media manager is extremely cheap compared to traditional marketing strategies. Like traditional marketing techniques, you still have to pay someone to manage your marketing campaigns. Unline these traditional methods, you no longer have to pay for T.V. air time, rent billboards, or pay for flyers or postcards to be printed. The second side of it being cost-effective is social media gives businesses the opportunity to advertise only to demographics that are most likely to purchase from you. Social platforms like Facebook and Instagram also offer to show your ads to individuals at an extremely low price per impression or button click.

Targeted Audiences

Social media can help get your brand in front of like-minded individuals that are most likely to purchase. You can easily find these people by joining groups on Facebook or searching for social media users who follow influencers that share the same demographic as your brand. This means you no longer have to waste time, energy, or money showing your products to people that are likely to never be interested in what you offer.


Hiring a social media manager means you no longer need to spend hours working on your social media accounts. Social media managers take care of designing and keeping your social profiles up to date, create your posts and content, and engage with your audience. Hiring a social media manager will give you back the time you need to spend on other projects.


For many business owners even thinking about social media can be stressful. How often do you need to post? What do you need to post about? how many hashtags do you need to use? What color scheme should I choose? Hiring a social media manager takes the stress away from worrying about finding the answers. 

What Platforms Do Social Media Managers Manage?

Social media managers manage all social platforms for your business or agency including Google My Business, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, Youtube, Twitter, & LinkedIn. Some of them manage all of the platforms while others specialize in just managing a few. 

What’s Included With Social Management?

Every social media manager is different for what services they offer. When you hire our of state social media managers you may not be eligible for services like photography or videography. Sometimes social media agencies only offer to manage some platforms while other companies offer a full package where they manage as many platforms as you want them to.

In Ebadore Digitals social media management package we offer the following:

  • Post Creation
  • Post Scheduling
  • Photography
  • User Engagement
  • Social Media Audits
  • Social Media SEO
  • Analytic Analysis
  • Social Media Advertising

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Social Media Manager?

There are a lot of social media managers with a wide variety of service packages and prices offered. Web FX says most businesses spend between  $4000 to $7000 per month on social media management. These numbers reflect service costs for larger companies. Many small businesses can hire local social managers for as low as $600 a month and prices increase based on the monthly scope of work. At Ebadore Digital we charge our clients based on hourly rates of $40 per labor hour. 

What Social Media Platforms Are Best For Your Business? 

The social media platforms you choose to prioritize for your business is extremely important. Some social platforms are great for getting more Google search results. Some platforms are really awesome for being funny and spontaneous, while other platforms are extremely professional. With so many different platforms that inspire different user behaviors, how do you choose what platform to prioritize in your marketing efforts?

Pros By Platform 

Like I mentioned in the previous reading, not all social media platforms are best for your business. This does not mean that there is 1 platform you should use and that’s it. You should utilize ALL the platforms that can benefit your business. When choosing your social platforms to remember, choose 1 or 2 to prioritize and spend 50%-75% of your time working on building that platform. Use your other 50%-25% to grow the others. So, what are user’s behaviors on each social platform and why would I decide to use that platform over all the others?



Facebook plays a very important part of every business. Our Social Media Management Program leverages Facebook to help us find new clients through group interactions, giveaways, and advertising. When you hire us to manage your FB accounts we strategize posts, create content, interact with users, and schedule all your posts for you. Our Facebook management team helps gain customer’s trust, teach prospects about your business and get your page more likes.

Facebook Demographics

Facebook is primarily used by people age 25 and up. The largest age demographic for Facebook is between 25-34 years old. 27.6% of users are in this age range while only 14.6% of users are in the 18-24 age range. Although FB is having a decline in younger audiences, the Facebook platform still accounts for 42% of all social media visits

Facebook Pros
  • Facebook accounts for 42% of all social media visits
  • A lot of user data for target advertising
  • Can easily receive messages and communicate with your audience
  • Groups are amazing places to advertise your business
  • Supports text, photos, and videos
  • Gain prospects trust from reviews and recommendations, through the previous customer experiences


Instagram is an amazing social platform for showing off your most astonishing work and keeping your customer base thinking about you day in and day out. You should utilize your profile to show off your best work. Amazing photos, great deals, and to tell your user base about you. Instagram also offers stories,  where you can create interest and tell your users a little more about your style.

Like Facebook, utilizing Instagram to promote your business through paid advertising is a very cost-effective option. 

Instagram Demographics

Instagram is primarily used by people ages 35 and younger with the largest age demographic being between 13 and 17 years old. 39% of these users are women while only 30% are men and 31% are ether businesses or unclassified. Instagram is still on the rise after gaining over 300,000,000 users between 2017-2019.

Instagram Pros
  • Younger demographic
  • Increasing in popularity
  • Easy to use
  • Your business can be found through hashtags
  • Easily highlight images of your best work
  • Keeps users interested in your brand through your stories


Twitter is meant to be funny. It’s a platform where you can post as many times as you want using 240 characters. Many businesses use Twitter to make jokes about their products and their competitors.

Twitter Demographics

According to Statista the majority of users using Twitter are between the ages if 25 and 64. This is a large age demographic but when looking at a graph compared to other social platforms it’s very clear if you are managing a company that targets audiences under 25 Twitter is not a good primary platform.

Twitter Pros
  • You can be funny & spontaneous
  • Middle age demographic
  • Great place to show personality
  • You can spam your feeling all you want


LinkedIn is the perfect platform for connecting with business professionals. The social media platform allows you to meet and learn from other people in your industry. LinkedIn also gives you the ability to search professionals in industries that you may need to hire or purchase from.

LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn offers a very wide range of users Omnicore explains that 25% of users are between ages 25-34. LinkedIn is not just popular in the United States. Actually, only 30% of LinkedIn’s user base is based in the USA. 

LinkedIn Pros
  • Business demographic
  • Great to showcase your resume 
  • Make business connections

Google My Business

Google My Business is a great place to show your reviews. Not only do most users check google for company reviews, it is also where they look to see if they have a website. With Google My Business, you can link your website, phone number, and address. You can also post pictures, videos, and text posts just like you would on any other social media platform. Having Google My Business will also help you rank your business on the Google search platform. 

Google My Business Facts

For many local businesses, Google My Business plays a key role in ranking higher for relative Google searches. Through GMB, users can see ratings from other social platforms, what services you offer, and images you upload. 

Google My Business Pros
  • Rank your business higher for Google search
  • Create posts about product information, events, and sales
  • Gain credibility through Google ratings and reviews


TikTok is formerly known as It is a social media platform for creating, sharing, and discovering videos in a time length of up to 60 seconds. The app is typically used as a form of entertainment through dancing, singing, lip-synching, and comedic videos. 

TikTok Demographics

TikTok has a younger age demographic of 41% being 16-24 in age. It is more of an entertainment platform instead of a lifestyle platform. It is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. It has 500 Million monthly users worldwide. TikTok users typically spend 52 minutes per day on the app. 90% of users use the app more than once during the day. TikTok ranked as the most downloaded app for Apple users in the first quarter of 2019, with more than 33 million downloads. 

TikTok Pros
  • Younger demographic
  • Know what’s trending so your business can connect/relate to users
  • Create videos that could possibly make your business viral


Snapchat is a social media messaging application where users can connect with one another using stories and video snippets as well as through a text messenger. Snapchat is a platform where businesses can add personality to their brand and stay current with younger demographics. 

Snapchat Demographics

This platform is primarily used by audiences younger than 34. Studies have shown that Snapchat users are more likely to post on the platform during social gatherings and shopping trips than any other social platform. 

Snapchat Pros
  • Create your own Snapchat stories 
  • Have ads that will target the demographic you wish for 
  • Create Geo filters for your business

How To Get Started?


If you are looking to hire a social media manager in Bentonville AR you can contact our agency. We are happy to help you and your business.

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