2 Ways To Save Money On Google Ads

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I mean it, Google Ads are literally tearing your business apart. The platform is taking your money, and you aren’t seeing any profits from it. I know you’re experiencing it because it’s happened to me. You keep feeding money into it, because you think it’s going to pay off. “Oh, I’ll just put a little more money in, a little more money in. Look here Johnny, I made a little profit”. I’m lucky I learned what is happening behind the scenes and I’m happy to share it with you today. Stop getting ripped off by Google and learn how to actually run some ads or hire someone to do it for you.

2 Ways You Are Using Google Ads Wrong

Exact Match Search Results

If I do a Google search right now, every local business with an ad will show a generic ad that isn’t qualifying you as a perfect target to the users. Google Ads give you the ability to create millions of ads, literally, MILLIONS of ads per campaign, and you also have the ability to target specific key phrases to each ad. You should be using the crap out of this feature. Create a bunch of ads that state exactly what your client is looking for.

Examples of this would include:

  • A search for “Plumbing Service in Fayetteville AR” make your ad say “Plumbing Service in Fayetteville AR | Free Estimates”
  • A search for “local plumbers nwa” your ad should say “Top Rated Local Plumbers In NWA | Get Pricing Now|”
  • The search “plumbers that fix leaking sinks” should result in an ad that says “We Fix Leaking Sinks | NWA Top Plumbers”

Do you understand what I’m doing here? I’m creating a bunch of ads that target a user’s specific needs. This lowers your cost per click because Google knows they will make more money off you in the long run because you get more clicks. More clicks for the same amount of money means a bigger bang for your buck. It also gets you a higher ad rating by Google, in return, your ad gets pushed to the top of the search results because you create a better user experience by solving that user’s exact problem.

Retarget Your Google Ad Users Through Facebook & Instagram

People that visit your ads are either 1 of 2 things or 2 of 2 things.

  1. A warm prospect looking to purchase your type of service soon
  2. Shopping price and jumping between your site and your competitors but are unsure whose product to purchase.

In both cases, these people are ready to purchase from someone that offers your service but they didn’t buy the first time because you didn’t tell them what they needed to hear.

The most awesome thing about technology is that we now have the option to track these users that visited your website, and start showing them ads on Social Media for what they showed interest in previously. Through Facebook Advertising you can target what pages they went to so you know exactly what they were looking for. They visited my “Fix Leaking Sinks” page so I know they have a leaking sink. I’m gonna show them how I replace sinks, tell them about my warranty, show them reviews, and make sure they know I am the guy to help them.

I am going to pound them with these ads until they purchase my service, and the end result is Google will no longer be ripping me or you off because we got the sale. As a result, we didn’t spend money on advertising, but instead made money on the deal.


Stop getting ripped off by running bad search advertising campaigns. Focus on creating strategic ads, and you will start making money from your Google ads. Practice these two techniques, and your ads will start paying for themselves instantly.

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