Conversion Based Digital Marketing

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Conversion based marketing is strategizing your online assets to work jointly to navigate prospects through your conversion funnels. This means not all users you are telling about your products, services, and ideas are equal, but they will all fall under one of three categories.

When you categorize prospects you can better understand what content you need to share with them. Cold audiences need to learn who you are and what you offer. Warm audiences need to learn why your products, services, and ideas are superior. Hot audiences need a purchase button placed in front of them. When you target all three audiences separately, you take control of how potential buyers see your brand and help navigate them to a conversion.

A Cold Audience

This group has never heard of you, or your products and ideas. They may not even be looking for what you have to offer. When advertising to a cold audience, don’t expect to sell them on a proposal. Introduce yourself to this person, a simple “Hey I’m *insert name*, I’m awesome because I *insert super interesting fact*.” will work perfect.

A Warm Audience

These are people that show interest in the products and services you provide. Most of these people have heard about you at least once, or they have heard about the items you offer. They are “shopping around” before making their final decision. When advertising to a warm audience, you are given the opportunity to flex how perfect your product is, the different options you offer, and tell the prospects why they should choose you over your competition. Instead of saying “Hey, let’s hangout.” say “Hey, I own a rocket ship, come to my space party”.

A Hot Audience

The most perfect audience of all. This group loves you and your products, they are ready to embrace what you have to offer. All you need to do is put the product in their face, and they will purchase it. This is the part when you land your rocket in their front yard, and they jump in with a brand new space suit.

How Is Conversion Based Marketing Superior VS. Traditional Marketing Campaigns?

Traditional marketing tactics like billboards, news paper ads, and TV ads are showing one advertisement to all three groups of people. The traditional way is expensive. It repeats the same message targeting cold and warm audiences at the same time, and they never help the hot audience enjoy what you offer. With advertising platforms like Facebook, Google, and Instagram you can track data points and control who is seeing what ads. You can be a map guide, instead of continuously introducing yourself to people who know who you are and are ready to enjoy what you have to offer.

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