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A mobile responsive website is a website that is developed to change its appearance for tablet and mobile screen sizes. This makes it easier for mobile users to navigate your website. Responsive websites can have a huge impact on user expierence, Google takes mobile usability into account while ranking websites for best results. Common changes to mobile websites include changing text and button sizes, as well as reorganize content to a stackable format.

Non-Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

Non-Mobile Responsive Website

Mobile Responsive Website

What Changes Are Made To Make A Website Mobile Responsive?

There are a lot of changes that happen when making a website mobile-friendly. For mobile devices, most content is stacked in a single column where laptops and desktops offer 1 – 6 columns per row. Because of this, mobile versions of websites need two sets of arranged content.

Font Size

In many cases heading text needs to be sized smaller on mobile devices so words fit on single lines. We typically use 45px header font size on desktop computers, but only 30px for phones.

Button Size

When building websites, we try to stick with a mobile-first approach so our buttons are the same size generally. In some cases, you may need to make buttons larger on mobile devices so people can easily click them with their fingers.

Section Sizes

Desktop screens are generally taller than tablet or phone screens. Because of the screen hight difference, we add more padding to desktop screens, and remove quite a bit of top and bottom padding from mobile devices.

Navigation Menus

Probably the most universal feature in all mobile-friendly websites, is that they offer what we call, a hamburger menu. Hamburger menus are the mobile menus with the three lines. These custom navigation bars make it easier to see all your options on a website.

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