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Search engine advertising is the ultimate source for finding warm to hot prospects looking for products and services you offer. It gives your brand the ability to get ready-to-purchase users inside your conversion funnel. To establish a high click-through and low bounce rates, our team creates an abundance of unique ads and landing pages targeting specific searches. These unique bundles help individuals find exactly what they are looking for, creating a great user experience. Search engines like Google, reward user experience, forming a ripple of lower Cost Per Click and higher ad ranking.

Important Words To Understand In Search Engine Advertising

Landing Pages

A landing page, is a web page users go to after clicking an advertisement. Landing pages are designed to tell people all about the service or product they were searching for. Landing pages are simple, tell about specific products, build credibility, and give the user the ability to purchase from you.

Click-Through Rate

A click-through rate is what percentage of people click on your ad after seeing it. A “good” click-through rate can vary based on your industry and what someone is searching for. For example, if someone is searching your business name, your click-through rate is likely to be very close to 100%. A search for a service you offer will most likely to have a much lower CTR.

Bounce Rate

A bounce rate tells us how many people are going to your website, but leaving before traveling to other pages on your site. A low bounce rate is preferred in most cases, but depending on your digital marketing campaign, a high bounce rate may be preferred.

Cost Per Click

Cost Per Click is simply what it says. Cost per click is how much money you spend per click on an advertisement.

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